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Meet the Team

At Pre-med Partner our team is always working hard for you to make sure that we stay up to date in the ever-changing admissions field. 

Josh Deason, M.A.

Founder, Advisor for Med, PA, Dental, PT, OT

Josh is a pre-health advisor at a large R-1 university. He is a board member for WAAHP, a committee member for NAAHP, and has been part of the admissions team for a local med school. Josh teaches a pre-health exploration class and is the faculty advisor for several pre-health clubs on his campus. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing guitar and singing with his faith community, following collegiate sports and spending any time he can with his family travelling and doing all things Tahoe.

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Kathleen Carroll, DNP

Advisor for Nursing, Nurse Practitioner

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