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Our Services

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College Students

Application Advising

Our application advising service helps guide you through the medical school, or other health professions, application process. Our experienced team will provide you with personalized advice on how to create a comprehensive and compelling application package, giving you the best chance of gaining admission to the school of your choice. We offer support in areas such as:

-personal statements

-experience descriptions

-school selection

-letters of recommendation

-interview preparation


Student Paper Writing

Semester Advising

It's hard to overstate the importance of getting a great start to your academic career. From getting the right prerequisites to knowing which experiences you should focus on, semester check-ins can help keep you on track from your very first semester onward. We can offer support with:

-mapping out experiences

-focusing your timeline

-reviewing prerequisites

-growing in your core competencies

-gap year considerations

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Writing Services

If you are only looking for support with the editing of your application, our writing services provide personalized assistance in crafting your personal statement, experience descriptions, and secondary essays. Our advisors have experience in the admissions process and can help you make sure your essays stand out among the competition.

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